If my work remains focused on colour, it’s because there seems no other choice for me. This is what I take most pleasure in and always have, and it is this delight in colour that I hope to communicate to others. Very often too, I am seeking a balance between abstraction and figuration. Subject matter or inspirational ideas are based on locations; this may also include their poetry or literature, even the surrounding architecture. Disorderly? But perhaps disorder is the new order? The physical limitations of the last several years keep everything I work on small. The media tends to be what is possible. Acrylic paint suits me; I can combine it with collage, work on canvas or paper. As Picasso says, ‘Inspiration is there, but it has to find you working.' I particularly love Braque and Picasso, but also the painters Jean-Etienne Liotard and Piero Della Francesco. Maurice Denis reminds us, ‘We are the inheritors of a visual legacy that cannot be ignored- and that is how our personal approach develops.’Nevertheless to me it is the inner impulse which is the urge that leads me to work and develop.


Born Horsforth, Leeds 1927
Education:Froebelian School, HorsforthHunmanby Hall School, Yorkshire 1939 - 1943.Leeds College of Art 1943 - 1948
Summer Schools tutored by Victor Pasmore & Harry Thubron

Group & Open Exhibitions:
The AuctionHub Westbury Bath 2020
Dorset Visual arts. Salon group 2020
Ferleigh Vineyards Dorset visual Arts Salon Group 2019
Allsopgallery Bridport art centre Dorset Arts exhibition 2018
Dukes Gallery Dorchester Dukes Gallery, Dorchester 2017
Sherborne Art Club Exhibition 2017
Dorset Visual Arts, ‘Interrogating the Landscape’, Allsop  Gallery, Bridport  2016
DVA ‘What Artists Really Do ‘, West Bay 2016
Sherborne Art Club 2016
Dorset Art Week Open Studio 2016
Millfield Summer Exhibition 2015
Millfield Summer Exhibition 2014
Sherborne Art Club Exhibition 2015
Dorset Art Week Open Studio 2014
Discerning Eye Exhibition, London 2013
Grey Door Gallery, Castle Cary Somerset 2013
Millfield Summer Show 2013
South Square Gallery, Bradford 2012
MK Gallery, Somerton 2008
Seven at the Chapel, Salisbury 2009
Acanthus Gallery, Wareham 2007
Stourhead Gallery, Stourhead 2006
Black Swan Guild, Frome 1996/2004
Dorset Art Week 1994/1996/1998/2000/2002/2004/06/08/12
Artshed, Hampshire 2005
Art for Blandford 2005
Wessex Fine Art Gallery, Wareham 2002/03/04
Alpha Gallery, Sherborne 1998/00/02/04/06
Slade Gallery, Gillingham 2001/2002
North Dorset Group, Sherborne House, Sherborne 2001/2002
Artslink Exhibition, Salisbury Hospital 2002
The Land, Dorchester Hospital 2002
Bettles Gallery, Ringwood 2002
Waytemore Gallery, Bishops Stortford 2002
The Art Supermarket, London 1999
North Dorset Group, Bryanstone Art Centre 1996/1998
Highgate Fine Art, London 1996/98
Royal West of England, Academy, Bristol 1996
Art On & Off the Wall, Allsop Gallery, Bridport 1996
Wykenham Gallery, Stockbridge 1996
A Blend of North Dorset, Salisbury Library Gallery 1995
A Blend of North Dorset, Shafesbury Arts Centre/ Yeovil Arts Centre 1995
Laing Open 1995
Leeds Art Fair 1995
North Dorset Group, Chettle House, Chettle 1994
Dorset Art Group, Sherborne 1993
Northern Artists Gallery, Harrogate 1982
Hambledon Gallery, Blandford 1993
Raw Gallery, London 1966/67  

Solo Shows:
Solo Guggelton Gallery,  Stalbridge 2008
Springhead Trust, Dorset 2007
Chettle House Gallery 1990
Poole Arts Centre 1987
Austin Reeds, Leeds 1983

Teaching and Lecturing:
Director, Springhead Trust Dorset 2005-2009
W.E.A Dorset Lecturer 1984 - 2003
N.E & N. Dorset Adult Education, Tutor 1987 - 1993A
Tutor, Sherborne Arts Centre, 1985 - 1996
Lecturer, Extra Mural Department, Initiated and ran three year ‘Costume in Painting’, Course 1980 - 1983
Leeds College of Art, Liberal Studies DepartmentLecturer in ‘History of costume, drawing and colour’, Fashion department, Jacob Kramer College of Art 1967 - 1983
Part-time lecturer, Park Lane College of further Education, Leeds 1970 - 1978
Part-time lecturer, School of Home Economics, Leeds 1964 - 1967
Lecturer, Grantly Hall College of Adults Education, Ripon 1975 - 1980
Lecturer on ‘Aspects of Costume’, Ilkeley College 1982
W.E.A Dorset Lecturer 1984 - 2003
N.E & N. Dorset Adult Education, Tutor 1987 - 1993
Public Lectures:Adult Education College SeminarsNADFAS Study GroupsNational TrustLocal MuseumsDorset Museums and Historical Societies